SOS-03: Amsterdam High

Amsterdam, oh Amsterdam. In this episode, I arrive in Amsterdam and like a bolt of lightning, I am struck with a visceral awakening to the new possibility of life and light beyond depression. I meet a wonderful, beautiful, compassionate woman who understands exactly where I am, relative to my divorce, and... I take you with me on our first "date"  as we sip wine on the Lilly Canal at sunset. It may seem like a rapid and sudden shift from wanting to drown in Lake Michigan in Episode 2, to laughing and flirting on the canals of Amsterdam, and that's because it very much was!  For the last six years, I was home with my 3 children (now 8 and 5  year-old twins) and as any parent knows, that means very little time to do much of anything outside of the children, much less spend an entire day alone without interruption.  Here, I land in Amsterdam and suddenly find myself alone in the world,...with nowhere to be, no one to take care of and zero chance of being interrupted. It was like transporting into a parallel universe and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Below you will find two slideshows. Meet Mucha in the first and Lianne in the second.



My first glimpse of Mucha.
Gentle acceptance.
Putting up with life.
Grateful for the sun.
Could be worse.
Done yet?


Lianne and I at the "tourist" place I chose, taken about 15 minutes after we met.
Shortly before I handed Lianne a microphone on the canal. What a trooper (and a cute one at that)!